Accessing Messaging


Log into the Messaging system to perform differ functions based on the role assigned to user.

Who can perform this function?

All users must be registered with Covsint IDM and must have Messaging Package assigned to the user to access the Messaging application. Messaging Administrator: First messaging administrator is created through database. This role can assign tenant administrator and trading partner admin roles for all tenants. Tenant Administrator: First tenant Administrator is created through database when a Tenant is created. Tenant admin can assign user roles in messaging application for user that are associated with that tenant. Trading Partner Admin: This can perform functions in trading partner he/she is administrator of. Messaging user: This user can access messages and can perform functions only for Trading partner that are assigned to.


  1. Register with Covisint IDM system.(Refer to IDM registration for additional help)
  2. Security administrator assigns the Messaging package.
  3. User login to covisitn portal.
  4. User is on landing page.
  5. User clicks on Messaging app on landing page.
  6. User is taken to the Messaging application.


User able to access messaging application successfully.