Messaging Administrator

The Messaging Administrator role is primarily for Covisint personnel that will be supporting the messaging application. It allows them to perform high-level administrative functions, such as creating new messaging tenants and configuring special custom processing rules. The initial Messaging Administrator will be seeded into the database during the installation process.

Messaging Tenant Administrator

This role provides partners and customers the ability to manage their tenant in the messaging application. It allows them to create trading partners, channels and rules that can be used for messaging. It also allows them the ability to assign Trading Partner Admins and Trading Partner Users to the trading partners they have created.

Messaging Trading Partner Administrator

The Messaging Trading Partner Administrator role gives users the ability to manage a single trading partner. It allows them to see everything about the trading partner, and create requests for the creation of new channels or rules. Requests are sent to the Messaging Tenant Administrator for action. This role must be separately granted to a user for each trading partner they need to have the role on.

Messaging Trading Partner User

A Messaging Trading Partner User is the most basic role in the messaging application. Those with this role have the ability to track message flow for their trading partner. The role must granted separately for each trading partner the user needs access to.