Create a Rule


Rules determine which message/part of message to go to which receiver based on set rules and attributes. There are different types of rules to account for all aspects of the message. Following are different types of rules:

  1. Routing Rules
  2. Transformation Rules
  3. Meta Data Rules
  4. Custom Rules
  5. Carbon Copy rules
  6. Split rules

Who can perform this function?

  • Messaging Administrator – Can create all types rules for any Trading Partner
  • Tenant Administrator – Can create all types rules for Trading Partner owned by their Tenant (Solution).
  • Trading Partner Administrator - Can request all types rules for trading partners they are administrators of, but can create only Routing Rule and Carbon Copy for Trading partner that they are administrators of.


  1. Log into Messaging application.
  2. Verify that the Profile displayed in the top left corner of the screen is that which you wish to modify. (If it is not, select the appropriate profile from the Profile drop down menu).
  3. Click on Channel Tab and select Add routing Rule or Routing Overview sub menu option.
  4. In next screen, tabs for each rule type is displayed. Click on Transformation , Meta Data , custom , or Split to create specific rule type.
  5. Click on Add Rec Rule button.
  6. Enter required fields and click on Save.
  7. System will display message of confirmation and rule is displayed in the list.


You have created a rule successfully.