Edit a Rule


Edit/update Rule

Who can perform this function?

  • Messaging Administrator – Can edit any Rule that belongs to all Trading Partners.
  • Tenant Administrator – Can edit only rules owned by their Tenant (Solution).


  1. Log into Messaging application.
  2. Verify that the Profile displayed in the top left corner of the screen is that which you wish to modify. (If it is not, select the appropriate profile from the Profile drop down menu).
  3. Click on Channel tab.
  4. Screen defaults to Connection Channels.
  5. Click on Routing Overview
  6. Screen defaults to Routing Rules list.
  7. Click on desired rule type from sub menu bar – Routing, Transformation, Custom, Carbon copy or Splitter
  8. Click on the Rule link form the list to edit rule.
  9. Rule view screen is displayed. Click on Edit This Rule button.
  10. Edit as desired and click on Save .
  11. System displays confirmation message and defaults to the rule list screen.


You have successfully edited an existing Rule.