Switching Profiles under a Tenant


User can view all trading partner profiles associated with their tenant. Tasks are performed per Trading Partner Profile, and you may belong to more than one profile. Tasks only affect the current profile displayed. Verify that the profile displayed in the upper right corner of the screen is that in which you wish to perform administration. If it is not, switch profiles to the targeted profile. User is allowed to switch between profiles to perform action in desired profile.

Who can perform this function?

  • Messaging Administrator – Can view and switch between any Trading partner profile.
  • Tenant Administrator – Can view and switch between profiles that belong to assigned Tenant (Solution).
  • Trading Partner Administrator and Messaging User - Can view profiles they are assigned to under their Tenant.


  1. Log into Messaging application
  2. Click the arrow on the Profile drop-down menu which is located in the upper right corner of the toolbar.
  3. From the Switch Profile menu list, click on the profile to which you wish to switch. The screen refreshes to the newly selected profile.


You have successfully switched profiles.