Add Users to Profile


Users may belong to more than one Trading Partner profile. Administration of a user is performed on a per-profile basis. Users listed in search action have already met the following criteria:

  • received a Covisint User ID and Password.
  • been approved by their Security Administrator for their organizations
  • are approved by their Security Administrator to access the Covisint Connect application.

Who can perform this function?

  • Messaging Administrator – Can perform for any Trading partner.
  • Tenant Administrator – Can perform only for Trading Partners owned by their Tenant (Solution).


  1. Log into Messaging system.
  2. Select Profile from 'Profile menu" dropdown at top right hand corner.
  3. From the Administration menu, click Profile tab.
  4. Click Add Users.
  5. Enter one or more search criteria (F.NAme, L.Name, Email ID or User ID).
  6. Click on Find User
  7. Select user form list presented.
  8. Click Add


You have successfully added a new user to a trading partner profile.