Create Trading Partner


Create Trading partner at Tenant (solution level) by messaging administrator or under a tenant (Solution) by Tenant administrator.

Who can perform this function?

  • Messaging Administrator – Can create Trading partner at Tenant (Solution) level for any Tenant.
  • Tenant Administrator – Can create Trading Partner for assigned Tenant (Solution).


  1. Log into Messaging application
  2. Click ‘Administration’ tab and then click on ‘Create Profile’ sub tab
  3. Enter all required fields- Profile name, address and select if connection is through VAN.
  4. Select Sender/Receiver codes. (User can add more codes if necessary)
  5. Add contact details if needed
  6. Click ‘Continue’ button
  7. The 'Select Billing Account' screen is displayed.
  8. Select an existing payment account or add new account by entering required/desired details.
  9. Click Select and continue if you are selecting existing account or Save Payment account if you are adding a new payment account.


A new Trading Partner Profile is created.