View a Transaction


The details of sender, receiver and options of actions to perform on transaction are displayed in transaction view

Who can perform this Function?

All users are able to view transactions.


  1. Log into Messaging application.
  2. Verify that the Profile displayed in the top left corner of the screen is that which you wish to search transactions. (If it is not, select the appropriate profile from the Profile drop down menu).
  3. From the Transactions menu, mouse over Transactions > Search Transactions and click the Search Transactions link. The Search for Transactions screen is displayed.
  4. Set search criteria as desired.
  5. Click Search . The Search Results screen is displayed.
  6. Click on the Message ID number.
  7. Summary information screen is displayed. This screen displays transaction summary data and status, processing history, exception details, notification details, carbon copy history, and documents contained within the message.
View Message data

a. Click View Message Data. The Payload details are displayed. b. Search and select the line item detail of the payload you wish to view.

Download Receiver data
Redeliver the message to the recipient

Click Redeliver Message. (Redeliver takes the transaction in the form that it was saved for the receiver, and delivers it again to the receiver).


You have successfully viewed a transaction in current trading partner.