Custom Style Sheet

These are the steps necessary for uploading a custom style sheet to override the CSS on the Login UI.

  1. Log into the portal instance as a Portal Administrator.
  2. Click Admin and select Content.
  3. From the sidebar menu, choose **Documents and Media.
  4. Click Add and choose Folder.
  5. Enter css for the new folder name and click the Save button.
  6. Enter the css folder by clicking on the folder name
  7. Add a Subfolder, enter login for name and click Save.
  8. Enter the login folder by clicking on the folder name.
  9. Add a Basic Document.
  10. Click Choose File to upload your style sheet named css_override.css. Enter “css_override.css” for the Title and click Publish.
  11. This style sheet will override the default css used on the login screens.