Covisint Developer Overview

Covisint Developer is the Covisint Cloud Platform that provides a single location for developers to build and run applications on Covisint's highly scalable infrastructure, which can be offered over the Internet.

Covisint Developer offers the following features:

  • Comprehensive suite of APIs covering Identity, Portal, and Messaging allows you to customize your application according to your needs
  • Faster delivery of new functionality and iteration on the system
  • Reduces complexity and makes your business more agile and efficient
  • Provides a secure, customized, single entry point to all of your solution needs
  • Reduces technical maintenance
  • Leverages different code on different servers, and make it work together seamlessly in a standardized format that makes sense in terms of what developers are used to seeing.

Covisint Developer abstracts away the headaches of managing, security, and scaling, which enables the developers to move from concept to workable product as quickly as possible. An Organization can focus on two things: customers and spend more time building the application.

In Covisint Developer, a company has a very explicit definition - It is either a partner or a customer that is using the Covisint Developer Solution Center to administer their solutions on the platform. Companies must be invited to join the platform, and during registration, their initial user account is created.