How to View my Instance Users?

This sections illustrates how to retrieve a list of user accounts that have access to an instance.

Who can perform this function?

Any of the roles below:

  • Solution Center Administrator
  • Solution Center Company Administrator
  • Solution Center Solution Administrator
  • Solution Center Instance Administrator
  • Solution Center Instance Developer
  • Solution Center User


  1. Click the Solutions tab.
  2. On the left panel of the Solution Center, click Solutions. A list of all the solutions for your company that have access to the solution center will be displayed.
  3. Select your solution by clicking on the solution name.
  4. Click the Instances tab. A list of all the instances for the selected solution will be displayed.
  5. To retrieve a single instance, select an instance by clicking on the instance name to retrieve an instance.
  6. Click the Users tab to retrieve a list of user accounts that are part of the selected instance.