Getting Started

This section provides information for Registration, Creating a Solution, Creating an Instance, Creating an Application, and the OAuth 2.0 authorization process. Registering is a very important step required to proceed to the portal and begin creating your own application. Creating a Solution will allow you to identify your project. Creating an Instance will grant access to the designated environment. Authorization to Covisint Micro-services is based on OAuth. Creating an application within the solution allows you to obtain your client credentials, which in turn is used to obtain access tokens. Each section is designed to assist and provide information as a tool guide. The standard process and procedures of each section provides details and references to the requirements to be implemented in order to create a solution, instance, and application.

This diagram demonstrates the overall standard view of the process for creating an application and gaining access to the Covisint Platform. Application developers are authenticated to Covisint Developer via Covisint's Identity Management suite. This section will provide additional detailed information on how to obtain access.

Typical workflow to gain access to Covisint APIs