Send Event from Device

To send an event from the car, the gateway on the car must perform the following steps:

  1. Read engine fault code: The gateway will read the engine fault code every minute.
  2. Construct message: The gateway will construct JSON string for the event. - For example:
    { “engine_fault_code”: 10200 }
  3. Encrypt message: The JSON event string must be encrypted using the producerPublicKey and the message must be encoded in Base64 format.
    For example:
  4. Generate a messageID: A unique messageID is generated to identify the message.
    For Example:
  5. Construct event message: Construct a JSON message including messageID, deviceID, eventTemplateID and the encoded message.
    For Example:
     “messageID”: “65eb9268-b0d1-4f75-a855-71eac716a351”,
     “deviceID”: “7d7289e5-a45b-42a1-a762-1a662756e715”,
     “eventTemplateID”: “48c713f8-5b69-49f0-afb1-e5618ac9bae9”,
     “message”: “ew0KInRlbXAiOiAyNS4zLA0KImh1bWlkaXR5Iiw1NC44DQp9”
  6. Send event: Send the event to IoT platform.