Covisint Developer Architecture

Covisint Developer is the provisioning and configuration engine of the Covisint Platform. It provides a foundation for developers to build highly scalable and robust applications.

Application developers can use the Covisint Developer Solution Center UI to perform the following tasks:

  • Manage users, roles, and access to the Solution Center
  • Create/Delete application runtimes
  • Orchestrate application deployments

The UX development can be done using the Covisint Portal Framework based on Liferay. Developers can write/deploy JSR compliant portlets. The PaaS layer comprises two sets of services: Identity Services and Messaging Services.

Identity Services encompasses three components:

  • ID Authenticator - Validates, verifies, and authenticates a user's identity
    • ID/Password
    • Two-Factor
    • Risk-based Authentication
    • Policy Enforcement
  • ID Provision - Manages, and authorizes user accounts for access to appropriate digital resources.
    • Password Management
    • Provisioning
    • Profile Management
    • Authorization Management
    • Role Management
    • Workflow Engine
  • ID Broker - Manages and configures federations
    • Security Token Service
    • Federation Protocols
    • Token Translation and Attribute Mapping

With Messaging services, you can integrate and aggregate complex information and data to achieve a dynamic, automated business workflow environment. The key features of the messaging services are:

  • Ability to create communication channel
  • Use XSLT transformation
  • Pre-built custom processes

Figure 1. Covisint Developer Architecture